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Instructor Jez Waite

Jez Waite


Jez is a Veteran Royal Marine from the United Kingdom. In addition to surfing, he is a keen skier, sailor, and paraglider. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Pursuits from Strathclyde University in Scotland, and has always been a keen outdoor enthusiast who continues to explore mother nature as a developmental and therapeutic background for his work. Jez was an outdoor pursuits instructor for 12 years prior to joining the military; he subsequently ran his own ski lodge business in the French Alps, and he has two daughters who are both competitive skiers. A Master Practitioner and Trainer of neurolinguistics programming (NLP), he has assisted others in managing and overcoming the external and internal wounds of combat since experiencing his own physical and mental journey of recovery post injury in the 2003 Iraq War. A participant in Operation Surf in 2015, Jez has worked in the program in Veteran Support and Water Safety roles, and on an event committee as Site/Beach Chairman, before becoming an Instructor. Jez is an easygoing, patient, and committed individual who strives to aid others in realizing their true potential.