Alumni Program

Thank you for visiting the Alumni Program FAQ’s! Applications are closed at this time, please stay tuned for 2021 opportunities. 

Operation Surf has grown as an organization. That growth has brought a new mission, vision, and values that elicits a need to ensure all areas of the organization align to the new culture.

Operation Surf channels the healing powers of the ocean to restore hope, renew purpose, and revitalize community. 

Our vision is to Serve More People. 

Our values are Care, Inclusion, Commitment, Integrity, and Communication.

It is Operation Surf’s mission to save and change lives and your support through your alumni role helps to achieve that mission. All roles are an integral part of meeting organization goals and facilitating mission accomplishment.

Existing alumni prior to January 2020 will receive an email with a link to the application. Alumni that have participated in the past are still required to submit an application.

Operation Surf values the efforts of existing alumni and seeks to continue to include them in the organization.

New alumni can apply through the website.

The application period starts December 15, 2019 and ends January 31, 2020.

Applications must be received by the end of January. Applications received past the deadline cannot guarantee participation in the upcoming calendar year.

Participants are transitioned to alumni on December 1st of the year that they attend their first event.  New alumni are eligible to apply for the upcoming year’s programs.

There are multiple opportunities to serve the organization in the new program. The new alumni program consists of admin and program committee interns, working group members, veteran support, ambassadors, senior ambassadors, alumni volunteers, and surf retreat participants.

Alumni will be placed in roles that match their skills and experience and best meet organization needs.

An overview of role expectations will be provided at selection.  Additional training programs and expectations will be communicated as they come available.

To allow for fairness and maximum capacity, alumni are only able to fill one position at a time.

Annual check-ins will be conducted by the Alumni Program Committee. Decisions for job role changes will be based on alumni interest and Alumni Committee evaluation.

Upon selection, you will receive an email with the 2020 programs sign-up sheet.

Alumni presence at Operation Surf programs is contingent on job role and capacity. Participation will be rotated to ensure fairness and inclusion.

Alumni Surf retreats are an opportunity for those looking to connect with other Alumni outside of Operation Surf programs.

The roles of the alumni program are an integral part of the Operation Surf curriculum. In order to meet the expectations of your specific job role, we ask that friends and family participate strictly in a volunteer capacity by signing up through our volunteer system. The perks provided to alumni program participants are only available to alumni and cannot be extended to friends or family members.

Operation Surf encourages all alumni to have prior approval to attend programs. Unplanned participation will be dependent upon capacity. Any unplanned attendance will need to be approved by the Director of Operations.

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“It means a lot to me.  It’s a group of both veterans and civilians trying to better not only themselves, but our entire veteran community.  Showing them a way to heal and connect with the ocean, themselves, and other like minded individuals.”

– Jordan M., Operation Surf Alumni