Communications Manager

Payton joined the Operation Surf ‘Ohana in June 2021. Payton wakes up every day and chooses to live in freedom, hope, and community so she can invite and help people to live full, healthy, transformational lives. Her life mission it to prove freedom, health, and love are worth fighting for—shame does not get the final word. 

You wouldn’t guess it but she grew up in Illinois! Her Grandpa Jim was an Air Force Veteran in the Korean War. Grandpa Jim lived with her family in their Illinois home for 9 years. He was a major part of her upbringing, championing her to dream big and help others. Payton graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan with a major in Communications and minor in Leadership. She published her first poetry book in 2020, Poems That Make You Feel, Dream Big journal, and is currently working on publishing a book on running. With a background in marketing, personal training, and non-profit youth enrichment camps; she brings a fresh energy and zeal for Operation Surf’s long term vision—ocean front property to host programs for all different types of people groups. 

Payton loves movement and has successfully completed 3 full marathons and 19 half marathons to date. While she will always be a runner, Payton has a deep love for the ocean and surfing. She often says, “surfing is the only sport I’ve found that makes me feel like I do when I run—I feel free.”  Payton lives in Arroyo Grande with her Husband Sam and their cat Bo. She is stoked and beyond grateful to be a part of the Operation Surf team!