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Operation Surf has been fortunate enough to receive a lot of generous attention from various news media. We’re grateful for their interest in what we do because it helps spread awareness of the life-changing work we’re doing and reach more veterans in need. 

Visual Media

In the News

CNN article screenshot


CNN shares a brief look into some of the visible and invisible injures that Operation Surf’s program as we rehabilitate combat veterans through the healing powers of the ocean. As these veterans spend a week on California’s Central Coast, they build strength and confidence, one wave at a time.

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Surfer Magazine shares the journey of Big Wave Surfer and Operation Surf’s Program Founder, Van Curaza, as he recognizes the importance surfing had in his own life. Over the past decade, Operation Surf has supported veterans through powerful transformations like Martin Pollock, a British Army veteran who lost three limbs to an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) while fighting in Afghanistan.

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World Surf League article screenshot

World Surf League

“As anyone who has ever felt troubled and paddled out into the sea, breathed deeply, stroked into a wave, felt the swell lift you up and push you toward shore can attest, the healing qualities of surfing and the ocean on your psyche are not to be underestimated.” The World Surf League writes to highlight the launch of the Netflix documentary Resurface that explores the idea of the ocean and surf therapy.

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Huffington Post article screenshot

Huffington Post

Huff Post featured Operation Surf’s week-long program highlighting our work with the Brooks Army Medical Facility in San Antonio, Texas. Operation Comfort helped bring eight participants to participate in an adaptive surfing program in Santa Cruz, CA.

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Sierra Club article screenshot

Sierra Club

In Sierra, the Sierra Club’s National Magazine showcases the impact of surfing and the ocean as healing for injured veterans, like Bobby Lane. Bobby, a Marine Corps veteran, experienced the first symptoms of traumatic brain injury(TBI) while still on active duty in Iraq.

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Program Testimonials

“This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Lifetime memories and bonds were made. This wasn’t just a surfing trip, for me this was a group of people fighting individual battles coming together, sharing experiences and unconditional love. I’m leaving with more confidence in myself than I came with.”

Allan W.

Operation Surf Participant

“I am so grateful and humbled to have had the experience and met the people I have met. The healing powers of the ocean should never be taken lightly or for granted. This experience changed me, and I couldn’t be more thankful than I am right now!” 

Luz T.

Operation Surf Participant

“I had decided to check surfing off my bucket list and after I got back I was going to kill myself. While I was at Operation Surf there was this sense of peace that came over me and I realized my life wasn’t mine to take. If something like surfing can bring peace to my life then I should live on and try to help as many other veterans as possible.”

Bobby L.

Operation Surf Participant