Alumni Opportunities

About Alumni Opportunities

A participant’s Operation Surf experience doesn’t end when the program does. We extend our support beyond our programs with additional Alumni opportunities and programs to provide on-going care and support in their healing journey.

Veteran Support

Behind every new participant is a Veteran Support who has been here before. We understand how important community is in our well-being which is why we value giving our Alumni the opportunity to give back by serving the new participants in upcoming programs. Our Veteran Support serves in a side by side capacity with the participants throughout the program. This element of peer-to-peer support combined with shared experiences promotes connection and community.

Veteran Support roles are available in the following programs: 

  • Operation Surf’s Week-long Program 
  • O3.0 (Our local three-month program)
  • Operation Healing Forces Collaboration


Alumni Wellness Retreats

Alumni Wellness Retreats will be a brand new program that we aim to offer to our Alumni in 2023. 

This curriculum-based program provides an environment where Alumni have the opportunity to ‘dig deeper’ into their recovery by opening up and sharing their experiences. Without taking too much time from surfing, we spend more time ‘around the campfire’ connecting and building bonds that last a lifetime. These weeks can tend to get heavy which is why we offset them with amazing food, activities, and the healing powers of the ocean in incredible locations!

Participants receive food, lodging accommodations, peer-to-peer support, and all the resources needed to instill hope and confidence in the water, on the board, and into their daily life. These are all provided and are funded through generous financial and in-kind contributions from our sponsors and donors.

Alumni are required to provide their own transportation to the location of an Alumni Wellness Retreat.

Our Alumni Wellness Retreat is currently being designed and will be hopefully released for Alumni to apply in 2023. Check back regularly for updates!


The Canteen

The Canteen is our virtual online meeting that we conduct three times a week that provides a continual source of support and community and it allows our community to create connections when they need it most.

  • Monday: Join us for Coffee with the Team every Monday!
  • Every 3rd Wednesday: Join us for our Warrior Women Wednesdays led by Operation Surf Community Women.
  • Friday: Join us for Highs and Lows led by Operation Surf Alumni.
  • Interested in being a veteran speaker on The Canteen? Email us at

Program Testimonials

“This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Lifetime memories and bonds were made. This wasn’t just a surfing trip, for me this was a group of people fighting individual battles coming together, sharing experiences and unconditional love. I’m leaving with more confidence in myself than I came with.”

Allan W.

Operation Surf Participant

“I am so grateful and humbled to have had the experience and met the people I have met. The healing powers of the ocean should never be taken lightly or for granted. This experience changed me, and I couldn’t be more thankful than I am right now!” 

Luz T.

Operation Surf Participant

“I had decided to check surfing off my bucket list and after I got back I was going to kill myself. While I was at Operation Surf there was this sense of peace that came over me and I realized my life wasn’t mine to take. If something like surfing can bring peace to my life then I should live on and try to help as many other veterans as possible.”

Bobby L.

Operation Surf Participant