Roger Smith

I have been a photographer and videographer for many years; at times professional, always as a therapeutic outlet. I moonlighted as a web developer and consultant from 2007 through 2019 and was the lead web developer and digital media director at a marketing agency before I retired from the tech world.

My photographic roots are in fine art black and white film. My tools were medium and large format cameras and a 25 square foot darkroom used to print up silver gelatin jewels. The tools have changed but my passion for seeking beauty and order in light and emotion remains.

Operation Surf became my focus in the spring of 2019. This continues to be a profound experience for me with each program I shoot. The healing and growth I experience myself and that I am able to witness in veterans is nothing short of magic. Water is a powerful teacher and healer for us all.

At this stage of my life I have found my personal trifecta: I am working in an environment I love (the ocean) that often challenges my physical, mental and emotional skills; I’m mastering the tools that I have chosen to archive and expand joy in this world all-the-while directly helping other human beings in an often significant way. I would be hard-pressed to think of a better use of my human and spiritual presence.

I am a joy archivist. My images, videos and words have been published in People, GoOutside, Paddle World, The Paddler, UC Press, Coastal Grower and by the World Surf League. When not behind the lens, I can be found surfing along the central coast of California, taking walks with my wife of 25+ years or fixing up our home in Atascadero. You can connect with me on social media @hellorogersmith or view my work online,